GRAD FEATURE – Gail McKinlay

Gail started her dance Training at 13years old when she auditioned for Robert Hamilton’s DANCEPOINT.  Although she had no previous experience, her willingness to learn caught Robert’s eye and he decided to allow her the chance to train within the school.
IMG-5673.JPGFrom the age of 13-21 years, she trained at Dancepoint as a full-time student alongside her time at Reid Kerr College and Motherwell College, where she undertook her qualifications in Dance & Musical Theatre.
We caught with Gail and asked her about her time with Robert & Dancepoint.  “Robert Hamilton was the reason I became a successful Dancer. He taught me all the skills, techniques and Industry training required to be a valuable member in the Dance & Musical Theatre Industry. From Robert Hamilton, I gained a solid foundation to build on, his teachings and guidance where the ultimate reasons I went on to work for X factor Greece 2016, Amita Motion 2016, MAD VMA 2017, Rising Star Greece and worked as choreographer for – Alexander Rybak – EuroVision Winner 2009.
Gail said ” Robert offers so much more than Technique, steps and dreams, but a solid structure that  will give any student the best chance for success as an all-round performer.  I couldn’t have had a better mentor!”