Lockdown? No problem! Let’s go online!


No-one can deny that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent times, indeed for generations. With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world, it’s forced the majority of the globe into forced lockdown. Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education, Health…. every sector has been affected and of course, all of us here at Dancepoint too.

The arrival of lockdown has left many of us re-thinking about how we operate differently from day to day, exploring new and innovative ways of reaching out to our customers, clients, students. It’s been no different for the team at Dancepoint.

Principal & Founder of Dancepoint, Robert Hamilton, was insistent that the lockdown would not stop the delivery of the dance program for his students who comprise of a busy Junior & Part-time School and also full-time HND Students.

Catching up with Robert, I asked him what the lockdown and pandemic had meant for Dancepoint…

“Like many other schools and colleges, it’s been a challenge, but I knew we had to develop new ways of learning and teaching that would enable our students to keep progressing during the lockdown. We created our own digital channel ‘Dancepoint Online’ and the College is now offering up to thirty five classes per week ensuring students can continue learning under these challenging circumstances. I just knew that we couldn’t just shut the doors and wait this out… our students need Dancepoint.”

It’s difficult when chatting with Robert about Dancepoint, not to get caught up in his enthusiasm for the School and it’s students. I asked him how the new program had worked in practice and had the enforced temporary closure curtailed any aspect of learning…

“It’s been incredible to watch the development of our students over the lockdown. Students are filming work at home, sharing on our page, learning from each other and from the fantastic team here at Dancepoint via a program of live online classes. We’ve also been offering various ‘Open to All’ classes for a small paid subscription. It’s been a great success and of course while face to face teaching is important and crucial, it’s likely we will retain some online/distance learning elements moving forward.”

Dancepoint is accepting applications now for new students and you can start benefitting from the Online learning program straight away. If you’d like to find out more, or apply, click on the ‘Send Message’ button on our Facebook Page or visit our website www.dancepointstudios.co.uk/apply